Pride Energy Company is happy to assist you in your royalty interest related questions.

  • Change of Ownership: If you are a royalty owner who has interest in Pride Energy Company's operated wells and has a change of ownership, please contact our owner relations department via e-mail. Please provide your five-digit owner relations code with your inquiry. You may also contact us at our office number listed below.

  • Change of Address: For your convenience, please click the "Address Change Form" button below for Change of Address and follow the instructions on the form.

  • If you have other inquiries, please call and/or e-mail our owner relations department.

E-mail: ownerrelations@pride-energy.com


1099 Distribution

Please note that all 1099's have been mailed on January 29, 2021. If you do not receive your 1099 in the mail in the next few weeks, please e-mail our owner relations department at the e-mail above with your owner code.