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Description of Equipment

​​Custer County, Oklahoma

1 - Ariel JGP-1-2 Compressor with Waukesha VRG-310 Engine (50 HP)

1 - AJAX C-42 Natural Gas Compressor, Single Stage Gas Compressor (8.5 x 10), RPM 300-535, 4-3/4” YKG Cylinder SN 71586, CT-2196, Exhaust Line, Muffler, and Porta-base

Harper County, Oklahoma

1 - AJAX C-30 (two-stage) Gas Compressor (7.5' x 10')  with  Concrete Portable Base

Ector County, Texas

1 - Chicago Pneumatic FE-332A-2 Compressor Frame
(two-stage) with Control Panel, Skid, and 817 Waukesha Engine (130 HP)

1 - Chicago Pneumatic (100 HP)

Goliad County, Texas

1 - Ariel JGM-2 Compressor (three-stage)

Park County, Wyoming

1 - AJAX C-30 (two-stage) Gas Compressor with Skid

1 - AJAX C-42 (two-stage) Gas Compressor

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